Top 5 Questions Home Owners Ask A Design/Build Firm

November 25, 2019

2019 is slowly but surely ending, and we’ve all had another year of work, school, family, friends, and fun. As someone who met with A LOT of new potential clients in the past 11 months, I started thinking about what everyone’s top questions/issues/concerns were when it comes to adding to or remodeling their Northern Virginia home. Let’s count them down from #5 to #1…

Farmhouse Kitchen-Bristow, VA


#5) Do I have to move out of my house?

The short answer is – NOPE. It’s extremely rare that a Home Owner feels like they need to actually move out during construction. YES – remodeling and construction can be taxing. Our job is to make it as pain and stress-free as possible. We don’t even start demolition until ALL of your selected materials are in our warehouse. We aren’t going to tear out your Kitchen, your bathroom, or any room in your house without being fully prepared to start work and keep working until it’s complete. No disappearing for weeks at a time, leaving you with a big mess and no end in sight. We also provide tent walls to keep any debris and dust down to a dull roar.
Doing an addition? We handle all of the outside work FIRST. The footers, the foundation, all framing, new roofing, etc. THEN we break through. Minimum daily life disruption.
The only time we would ask you to leave the home for a day or two would be if we are installing or refinished wood flooring. Unless you select pre-finished wood, the smell of the stain and the polyurethane is too strong to handle after application. It’s a good excuse for a weekend getaway. ;-)


Detached Garage-Centreville, VA



#4) I’m really busy with work and family… do I have to run around everywhere picking materials?

Like you - we want to keep it simple. That’s why the majority of your finish material selections will be made at our showroom with the assistance of a designer. This can be one evening during the week, or even on a weekend. One of the biggest complaints we hear from Home Owners about their past remodeling endeavors was the hassle of running around trying to select everything while still managing a job and busy family life. Our showroom has everything; to include cabinetry, countertops, wood flooring, porcelain tile, glass shower options, plumbing fixtures and more! Having a designer there to help you tie it all together helps as well! Less stress – more fun.


Screened In Porch-Vienna, VA



#3) Do I have to pull my own permits and handle inspections?

Lensis Builders Inc. is a Class A Building Contractor. We will pull the required permits for your project, contact inspectors throughout the process to make sure the proper County or City codes and permit regulations are met. You don’t have to do a thing other than allow us to hang the official permit papers on one of your front windows for the inspectors to reference. 

Master Bathroom-Vienna, VA



#2) How long will it take once construction begins?

Time required to complete obviously depends on your project. Rest assured – we will not only provide you with an anticipated completion date, but a detailed online scheduling site for you to log onto whenever and from wherever you want. This Gant Chart style schedule will show you how your project progresses day to day, and changes if and when things are modified. Maybe we finished the flooring a day early. Maybe there was foot of snowfall that pushed it back a day. Everything will be reflected – and you’ll never have to wonder what’s going on and when it’s going to be completed.

Master Bathroom-Vienna, VA



#1) How much is this going to cost?

Of course we all want to know how much any addition or remodeling project is going to cost. No one likes the answer “it depends”. But hey – it depends. Lots of design variables, many different choices to make, several size options and complexity issues to consider. That said – we will provide you with an Opinion Of Probable Cost – which is a fancy way of saying a “rough estimate”. Using projects of a similar scope, we will do our best to provide you a rough cost range based on your anticipated work scope. It’s important to keep in mind that the design phase is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the process. It’s the first step toward getting you a 100% accurate cost proposal on your project.

When you’re ready to talk about your 2020 Wish List – give us a call or shoot us an email. We’ll help you love where you live. 

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