The Top 5 Surface Trends in Northern Virginia Bathrooms

July 28, 2015

When remodeling your bathroom, choosing materials is an important part of the process. Unlike choosing paint colors, selecting finishing materials can be more complicated. Color can easily be changed (see our color guides - Part I, Part II, and Part III); however, countertops, wall tile, flooring, and other surface materials aren't as easily replaced (and are pricer than a gallon or two of paint). Here are 5 stylish yet classic trends we've been seeing in the area lately.

1. Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is a classic surface choice in any remodeling project. It's practical, resistant to water, and durable. Ceramic tile also allows you to bring color and creativity to your bathroom. Tile has great versatility and you can use it anywhere (from floors to walls to countertops). 

2. Wood

Wood is a counterintuitive choice for a bathroom. That being said, when wood is sealed properly, it can be used safely without worrying about mildew and mold. Wood gives bathrooms a warm, natural aesthetic and can even provide a masculine quality. 

Tip: Some woods are less porous (like redwood and cedar), so can be better options than ones like pine. No matter which wood you choose, work with your contractor to make sure they are installed and protected properly.

3. Natural Stone

Natural stones include materials like granite, marble, and slate. Stone is a great material for countertops and floors, as they are both durable and beautiful. No two pieces of stone look exactly the same, so if you are going for a natural, organic appearance, these surface materials are great options. 

Tip: If you choose stone as flooring, keep in mind that it can be cold. You may opt for heated flooring, or be sure to add area rugs.

4. Glass

When it comes to bathrooms, glass is perfect in that it's impervious to moisture. It doesn't have to be sealed and provides a luxurious look in any bathroom. You can find glass in various colors, sizes, and finishes (like iridescent or mirrored). 

5. Concrete

Concrete is a surprisingly elegant choice in any bathroom. It's practical and works well with any style. Whether your bathroom is modern or traditional, concrete surfaces can be colored and etched, and can be used on countertops, walls, or floors. Like wood, concrete is porous and requires a sealant. 

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