Top Tile Trends of 2018

May 16, 2018

Finding a way to incorporate tile into the bathrooms of your home can be challenging, especially if you prefer bold patterns and colors. It's important to choose a style of tile that you enjoy, but that will also not send potential buyers running for the hills if you ever decide to sell your home. 

Check out our new blog on the top tile design trends of 2018 to get inspiration on your next home remodeling project! 



Image via Spazio LA


1. Graphic Tile Mosaics

Graphic tile mosaics are becoming increasingly popular in bathroom design. Homeowners are looking for a way to modernize their bathrooms, while still keeping with a transitional look that will still be appealing in 10 years. 

Intricate tile mosaics can be costly because of the amount of time it takes for an artisan to create them, therefore one popular option as seen below, is to create an inlay surrounded by other tiles. This allows for a feature wall to showcase the graphic tile while not blowing out your renovation budget. 



Image via Idevoks Design



Image via Archetype Design Studio


2. Printed Tiles

Printed tiles are at the forefront in tile design, as any pattern can be be applied to the face of the tile. As technology advances and the use of machines is implemented more in tile design, the possibilities are endless.

 For the master bathroom below, the homeowners chose a printed damask pattern on the walls. This option allows for iridescence to shine through in the tile. The second master bathroom utilizes a bold pattern of varied tiles that can be customized by the homeowner. 


contemporary-bathroom (1)-7

Image via Helen Scott




Image via Cassidy Hughes


3. Wood Looking Tile

Wood looking tile has exploded in bathroom design over the past few years and for good reason. Most homeowners know that putting real wood in a bathroom is not ideal because wood is susceptible to water damage. 

By having durable porcelain tile, that has moisture resistance but the look of real wood, it is an overall win for tile design and for homeowners looking for lasting style, as wood never goes out of style. 



Image via Interior Therapy



Image via Gill Design & Construction


4. Concrete Tile

Concrete flooring has been on trend for some time, especially with the technological advancement of radiant heating that can be placed under the newly installed flooring. Usually homeowners will choose to keep the slab of their main floor unfinished, and then stain and polish it to create a finished look. 

Some homeowners are choosing to install concrete tiles in their upstairs bathrooms. Because the second floor of the home consists of wooden floor joists instead of a concrete slab, it is not possible to use the sub-floors, so thinner concrete tiles can be installed to achieve the look of polished concrete floor. 


contemporary-bathroom (2)-3

Image via Olivier Chabaud Architecte 

transitional-bathroom (1)-1

Image via RR Builders, LLC


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