Front Porch Ideas for Virginia Homes

May 07, 2015


Front porches make a connection from the interior to the exterior of your home. You have lots of options when renovating or adding a porch to your home, ranging from small and simple to large, wraparound spaces. As transitional spaces, front porches instantly improve the appearance of your home. For example, you can make your front door more pronounced with a pop of color or add columns to enhance curb appeal and give your home more personality.


Front Porch Options to Consider

Before committing to adding or making changes to your front porch, be sure to ask yourself these questions:

  • How will the porch be used? Will it be used simply as an entrance to your home, or would you like to fit a small table and chairs, or rocking chairs to it?
  • When do you want to use your porch? Would you prefer to use it three or four months out of the year? If so, you may want to consider adding screens.
  • What style do you want your porch to be? How will that style fit into the overall style of your home?


Popular Front Porch Styles

1. Country Style Porches

Country Style Porch

Country style porches are usually a raised design (off of the ground) and include wood railings and decorative lattice. To align with the country/farmhouse aesthetic, screens are often included. You may opt to include stained or painted wood floors, and ceilings that have pressed tin or paint. As for furniture, wicker, wood, iron, cast iron, and vintage items are popular. We also recommend adding a porch swing or hammock!


2. Colonial Style Porches

Colonial Style Porch

Columns are the central focus of colonial style porches. This style emphasizes symmetry and an elegant style. In selecting columns, you can either choose simple or more intricate designs. Wood and aluminum are great options for railings. In terms of color selection, whites, blues, and greys are classic colonial colors. For furniture, rocking chairs are typically added. Chandeliers are a nice touch for lighting, and ceiling fans are added to keep you cool during warmer months.


3. Queen Anne Style Porches

Queen Anne Style

This is in line with a Victorian aesthetic, including intricate patterns and details that include shingles and patterned masonry. Doors and windows tend to be etched or stained glass. Trim work is often intricate and decorative. For paint, bold color choices are typical, and you may consider using vibrant jewel tones such as purple and turquoise. In selecting furniture, you may consider choosing wrought iron and wicker pieces. Details like adding paintings and sculptures round out the look.



4. Bungalow Style Porch

Bungalow Style Porch

The bungalow style is essentially synonymous with craftsmen style, utilizing natural and handcrafted materials. This is the organic, eco-friendly look. You may consider adding porch columns or pillars, which tend to be made of brick, wood or stone. We recommend looking for local materials like local rock and wood. To enclose the porch, a low brick or stone is a common trend. Overall, bungalow porches have a rustic, earthy appearance. As for furniture, consider using raw materials like natural wood. Floors are usually wood, concrete, fieldstone, or brick. Consider adding accessories (like lighting) from local artisans.

Quick Tip: Define your front door. You can immediately use your front porch to improve curb appeal by having a front door that's noticeable. Try a distinctive paint or stain color or an overhead chandelier. Also, experiment with using complementary colors (see our color guides here and here).

We hope this guide helps you with your spring remodeling plan. If you'd like to speak with us and learn how we can help you reach your goals, please reach out to us!


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