Ways to Refresh Your Fireplace

May 27, 2016

As you finish your spring cleaning and sip your way into summer, refocusing on your interior design can be a wise investment. Before you open your doors to entertain, take a second look at the eye-catching focal point of your home- the fireplace. There are many ways to update the look, but still maintain it's function. 

1. Consider an Insert

-There are many different types of fireplaces, from open burning, to gas, to cast iron inserts. Modern inserts allow for functionality and design, specifically for areas that experince extremely low temperatures. The fire heats up the cast iron, creating a radiant heat that remains consistent long after the logs have burned away.  


Image via Dezaar Interiors

2. Add Lighting

-By adding lighting to your fireplace, such as sconces, you not only enhance the focal point, but you create a more inviting area to entertain. Adding lighting can be done as the fireplace surface is reworked using material, such as this beautiful field stone. 


Image via SolCorp Developments

3. Go the Modern Route

-While stone is the most popular choice for a fireplace surround, some homeowners are choosing a sleek drywall design. This creates a clean lines look, without the expense of natural stone. One thing to keep in mind, is that in order for the drywall surround to be safe from fire hazard, you will require a much deeper fireplace or a special fireplace box to accomodate the levels of extreme heat while in use. 


Image via Carolyn Reyes


4. To Paint or Not to Paint? 

-This is always a scary endeavor for most homeowners considering how to refresh their space. Painting brick and stone, depending on the type, may not be as inexpensive as you might think. Brick is extremely porous and will soak up much of the first few coats of paint. Some natural stone will cause adherence issues, making touch-ups more common. Removing paint can also be extremely tedious, with many hours spent using chemicals to accomplish the removal. In some instances the after effect can create a rustic look, but make sure you use a experienced professional for this type of work. 


Image via Renewal Design Build


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