What Designers Want In Their Northern Virginia Kitchens

March 07, 2018

Have you been considering remodeling your kitchen but are unsure of where to start? In today's market there are so many brands and styles to choose from when making selections, that it can be overwhelming to know what will be the best fit for you and your family. 

Check out our list below on what top designers choose for their personal kitchen remodels!


Image via Echelon Custom Homes


1. Quartz Countertops

Quartz is a designer’s dream to work with for many reasons. It’s made using actual stone, so it echoes the natural appeal of materials such as granite or marble. But it is also processed and manufactured in ways that make it strong, nonporous and color-customizable to create many different looks with good color predictability.



Image via Tobi Brockway Interiors Inc.

2. Custom Cabinets 

The advantage of using true custom cabinets vs. typical stock cabinets that can be configured in different combinations is twofold. First, custom cabinets can be fitted perfectly to your kitchen, filling the space precisely and making the best use of corners, spaces between windows and any height or length of wall.

Second, custom cabinets can achieve looks that stock cabinets can’t, especially when integrated with other features such as a banquette seat or kitchen island. This is especially important when going for a sought-after transitional style, where cabinets are desired to be seamless but not ultra minimalist.



Image via Yankee Craftsman

3. Flushed Appliances

If you’ve gone to the trouble of getting sharply tailored cabinetry, it would be a shame to ruin the lines with a bulky fridge. 

Counter-depth refrigerators follow the line of a typical 24-inch-deep counter for a flush look. Check the exact dimensions of a model you’re considering, and compare notes with your installer to make sure the lines will truly match up.



Image via Kate Marker Interiors

4. Deep Sink

 Typical sinks are often around 8 inches deep, but a sink that is 10 inches deep or more makes life much easier when navigating through the kitchen work space. 

Being able to easily fit a large pot fully inside the sink for filling or cleaning is very practical. Plus, if you do leave an item or two in the sink to be cleaned later, they won’t be visible in your seemingly bottomless sink. A little extra depth is even helpful for tighter sinks, such as those at a bar, prep counter or butler’s pantry, as it helps avoid splash back when rinsing vegetables or pouring out liquid.




Image via Patti Ogden Design

5. Touch Faucets 

These smart faucets are all the rage in kitchen design. They come in a range of styles to suit even more traditional or transitional kitchens. Inside that stylish faucet is a sensor that activates the faucet just from a tap, so you can turn on water even with your hands occupied. 



Image via Delta Faucet

6. Drawer Dishwashers

Running a full-sized dishwasher when only partially full is a waste of water, but a unit like this can wash each individual half, giving you more flexibility for the size of the load to be cleaned. Plus, you can be running one drawer while still filling another, so you can clean your often-used items now while other pieces build up a bit over time.



Image via Melissa Miranda Interior Design

7. Hidden Range Hood

A hidden range hood may seem like an odd choice, especially because range hoods can be the showstopper in kitchen design. A range hood can also accentuate the elegance of kitchen design and take it beyond stainless steel. 



Image via Sullivan Building & Design Group


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