What's Your Wet Bar Style?

July 19, 2016

A wet bar is a great way to create an entertaining space that fits in cohesively with the design of your home. By having a designated space for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, there will be less clutter in the vital cabinet space of your kitchen and a inviting place for guests to congregate. 



Image via Teran Designs

1. Classic

-Classic is a blend of traditional and modern. Usually highlighted by a neutral palette, white cabinets and a subtle backsplash.




Image via Peacock Cabinetry

2. Masculine

-This style is usually highlighted by dark cabinets, neutral or tan backsplashes and brushed nickel or copper hardware. This style is commonly found in a gentlemen's lounge. 



Image via Sutro Architects

3. Contemporary

-This style is highlighted by it's accent pieces. The glass backsplash and clear shelving bring back the same look that was common in wet bars from the 60's, while still maintaining an appeal that feels current with the times. Gold serving utensils and drink stirrers are also a must have. 



Image via MET Interiors

4. Marble

-This style is a blend of classic style with old world charm. The cabinets are usually highly detailed. The decor will be ornate and the finishes are complementary and subtle. 



Image via Andre Rothblatt Architecture

5. Craftsman

-This style is highlighted by wood toned cabinets and floors, earthy backsplash and countertop materials. There is no design feature that stands alone, as Craftsman lends to a cohesive style that looks effortlessly planned. 


Image via Threshhold Interiors

6. Transitional

-Transitional is a broad term that can include design aspects on multiple levels. A shaker style cabinet is complimented by an iridescent backsplash that may otherwise be considered modern if paired with a different type of cabinet. 


Image via Marilyn Ashley Design Associates, Inc.

6. Modern

-This style is highlighted by clean lines and not a ton of color. The clean lines and sleek appliances do most of the talking. Chrome hardware, Corian countertops and a beveled backsplash finish the look. 


Image via Elle Interiors-Ellinor Ellefson

7. Farmhouse

-The Farmhouse style is all the rage right now, borrowing design elements across the board. It may include Shaker cabinets, polished or brushed nickel hardware, a marbled backsplash and glass fronted cabinets. 

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