Where to Hang Open Shelves in Your Kitchen

April 09, 2018

Open shelving in the kitchen is not for everyone, but as more and more homeowners are stepping outside their design comfort zone, they are starting to see the benefits of open shelving in their kitchens.

Check out our tips below for the best places to hang your open kitchen shelves! 



Image via Vision Interiors


1. Around a Window

With natural light so highly sought after, it’s important to maximize whatever window real estate your kitchen has. Bulky upper cabinets can box in your windows, blocking light from entering the space as fully as it could. Floating shelves, however, allow light to pour in through your windows into the space at all angles. 

This means you can put storage tight to the window without blocking the light. For maximum openness, use a roll-down shade on or in the window frame rather than a hanging curtain.



Image via Design Shop Interiors



Image via Erotas Custom Build


2. No Upper Cabinets

One design option is to forego upper cabinets entirely, and instead create wall shelving units to house all of your cookware and glassware. This option is ideal for homeowners who have coordinating dishware, as having this many open shelves is not ideal for a highly patterned kitchen. White on white kitchens are ideal for this type of kitchen design. 



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Image via Whitstable Island Interiors


3. Around a Range Hood

Some people like to see a range hood hidden away in a cabinet. Others like to make it a visual feature. If you like a beautiful exposed hood, surrounding it with shelves can complete the look to make a true feature wall. 


contemporary-kitchen (1)-4

Image via Julie Ranee Phtography



Image via Cedarstone Homes Limited


4. Above the Sink

The sink is another area where a lot of time is spent in the kitchen. If you don’t have a window above your sink, breaking up the cabinets with a small stretch of shelves can make this area feel more open. When you’re peeling vegetables or hand-washing a large pot, you’ll appreciate having some attractive accents displayed in front of you rather than a solid stretch of cabinets inches from your face.



Image via A. Jennison Interiors



Image via Daisy Chubb


5. Over an Island

Who says shelves have to be anchored to a wall? Hanging shelves from the ceiling over your island puts storage in a handy spot for those who do a lot of cooking or prep work at the island. If you hang them just above eye level, they’ll still be reachable without crowding your view.

This is also a great place to put dishes or glassware so they can easily be grabbed by a guest who may not know which cabinet to look in otherwise, and without even having to step foot into the kitchen.

contemporary-kitchen (2)-3 Image via General Assembly


6. No Cabinet Fronts

An alternative to open shelving is to have cabinets that have a box and surround, but do not have doors. This is ideal for small kitchens that may have a lot of dishware. It gives you the option to keep a cohesive look while being able to change from open shelving down the road should you choose to do so. 

contemporary-kitchen (3)

 Image via Studio Sarah Willmer Architecture


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