Whole House Remodeling Costs

May 15, 2015
Whole House Remodeling

A whole-house remodel, in most cases, means that you are doing a major remodel to most (if not all) of the interior space. While it’s a serious undertaking, the benefits are well worth it. It’s important that you hire a contractor who will lead an entire construction team to ensure that the project fulfills your expectations and progresses smoothly.

Why do homeowners do whole-house remodels?

Homeowners decide to do a whole-house remodel for a number of reasons. Some include:

1. Love the location, not the house

Your home is in an ideal location, but the house itself is old or in need of updating.

2. Personal style updates

You just bought a home, or have decided to do a whole-house remodel, and the house has many positive qualities – but simply does not reflect your personal style.

3. Lifestyle changes

You have a change in your lifestyle. Maybe you just had a baby, or your in-laws are moving in with you. These are great reasons to require more/different space. On the other hand, if your children just left for college, you may consider downsizing.

4. Inherited home

Similar to above, you inherited an older house and you want to make it a home that is both functional and reflects your aesthetic taste.


What are the benefits of completing a whole-house remodel?

1. Your home will be uniquely yours.

You’re in charge of what your house looks like. By renovating your entire home, you guarantee continuity in design and functionality based on what you like.

2. You will save time and money.

By making all of the necessary improvements to your home at one time (rather than fragmenting and doing them piece by piece), you can save time and money in the long term.

3. You will increase the safety of your home.

Both plumbing and electrical systems exposed during the remodel will be brought up to current standards of safety and functionality. This is particularly important for older homes, and this will also save you money in the long term.

4. Save energy and create a more comfortable home.

Based on above, improvements to your electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems will be more energy and cost efficient.

5. You can make sure your home is free from hazardous material.

Many materials in older homes are no longer considered safe. For instance, homes built before 1980 may have issues with lead paint or asbestos in ceiling tiles. A whole-house remodel ensures that your home is safe to live in.

What about whole house remodeling costs?

It can be tricky to get a good grasp of whole home remodeling costs. Each house will be different because each house has different needs. The spaces will be varying sizes and the quality of material will play a huge role in the final price. However, you can use the 2015 Cost Vs. Value report to add up the separate projects you would like to tackle and estimate how much it may cost. You can then expect somewhat of a reduction in costs because of the fact you are completing all of the spaces at once.

We hope this guide will help you understand the reasons and benefits of whole house remodels. Houzz has an excellent article that explores the results of a 1918 Georgia whole house remodel.


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