Why Select A Builder/Remodeler With A Showroom?

August 21, 2017

I’m a big fan of all forms of shopping, with the exception of grocery shopping. Honestly, I find purchasing bananas, toilet paper, and coffee K-cups annoying, tedious, and exhausting. Then there’s the torturous music that inspires running into the parking lot. How many Air Supply songs can one person be forced to endure?

But I LOVE shopping for everything else. Handbags? Yes, please. New Fall boots? At least two pair every year. Not that I’m opposed to online shopping. But I LOVE being able to see, touch and carry my desired items around like a baby if I please. In person shopping is the best.

This applies to selecting items for your remodeling project as well!


See the materials for yourself…..

It’s so much better to be able to see the actual quality, size, colors and other details you might miss looking at a photo online. We’ve all done it – seen something online that looked great. Ordered it. Unwrapped it. Hated it. It’s easy to manipulate photos for a web-site, and they’re not always accurate. When you pick up a ceramic tile, you can feel it’s texture, see how the colors look in various lights – fluorescent, natural, incandescent. And yes, you can even carry it around like a baby if you want. I get it.


Image via Lensis Builders Showroom




Image via Lensis Builders Showroom 


Work with a designer…..

Some of our clients know exactly what look they’re going for, and others don’t even know where to start. And we’re there for both in our showroom. Years of experience in the remodeling world, degrees in various design fields, certifications from top notch associations like the NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association), and just a wonderful eye for colors and textures are some of the things a designer in a showroom brings to the equation. And you’ll be able to have any questions about any of the materials you’re considering answered immediately by an expert.



Image via Lensis Builders Showroom




 Image via Lensis Builders Showroom


Don’t run around town wasting your valuable time….

Some builders will give you a list of what you’ll need, and essentially tell you to “have at it.” Where do you begin? How do you know where the best place to find what you’re looking for is? Going from place to place can be frustrating at best. Got a job? A household to run? A dog that needs walking? Dinner to make? Laundry to do? Kids? Homework? Sporting events? Or all of the above? Your time is valuable, and a remodeler with a showroom respects the fact that you DON’T want to run around blind wasting it. One Stop Shopping might be a cliché saying these days, but it’s a major plus for a busy person who wants to make the right choices in one convenient location for their remodeling project.




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