Why to Hire a Kitchen and Bathroom Designer

May 23, 2018

Hiring a designer may seem like a luxury for many people, but in reality trained design professionals can actually save you money when it comes to your renovation. Not only are designers extensively trained, they also have years of experience in doing one thing-design and planning. 

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1. Honesty on Design Limitations

It’s important to have big design dreams, but it’s also important to have a good idea of your design limitations. Television shows can make it seem as though anything is possible, no matter your space or your budget. In reality, every project has limitations, whether from the physical structure or other factors.

Design professionals can help you determine which of your goals are realistic for your project and warn you of potential issues before any work or buying begins. This ensures that your plans are achievable within the budget you’ve set.



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2. Communication and 3D Software

An experienced professional will know how to properly communicate your design vision to the relevant tradespeople and suppliers, with detailed drawings, documentation and follow-ups to make sure your design dreams don’t get lost in translation.

Design professionals use a range of software programs that produce accurate drawings and 3D visualizations of a space. Whether you’re moving walls or ordering furniture, you might find it tough to picture in your mind exactly how things will fit and look. Proper drawings will ensure that the pieces come together the right way, and in good proportions, so you don’t have to return items and start again.



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Image via Lensis Builders, Inc.


3. Designers Maintain Budgets

Bringing in a pro to help manage your project can actually save you money. There are financial considerations that you might not see upfront, including the considerable potential cost of mistakes. 

Many material choices are not returnable, such as certain types of tile or custom appliances. For materials that can be returned, it can be an expensive and time consuming process with nothing to show for it except for frustration in the end. 



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4. Planning and Coordination

Designing, building and furnishing a home is a bit like planning a wedding: You don’t realize the incredible number of decisions that need to be made until the process is already underway and the to-do lists start to pile up. 

Designers are also trained to anticipate obstacles, which pop up in virtually every project. A professional with years of practice overseeing complex projects will be able to spot the ways things could go off course and then plan ahead to avoid issues. Coordinating the ordering and delivery of materials, the different tradespeople and installers, and your personal schedule can be hectic, but it’s important to make sure these moving parts coordinate smoothly, or the project can see serious delays.


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5. Material Selections


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