Your Pets & Your Remodeling Project

July 14, 2017

One of the many issues we address at our Pre-Construction meetings is the pets in the home. We think it’s extremely important to protect ALL members of your family during the remodeling process! Our process for Home Owners who are Pet Owners includes a Lead Carpenter “meet and greet” at our Pre-Construction meeting for you AND your pet(s). This eases a little of the tension of the “first day, noisy stranger” day. 

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BTW - If your contractor doesn’t do pre-construction meetings, it’s important to let them know in advance what kind of pets and how many you have in the house!

Pet Owners know their pets thrive on consistency and routine.  It’s important to try and maintain a similar routine for feeding, walking, etc. as much as possible during the project to minimize their stress level. And it’s a great idea to make sure all collared pets have nametags or are microchipped. A few days before the hammers start to swing, set up a safe and comfy place for your pets AWAY from the project area. This can simply be a room closed off from the work area, or a gated off area in your home. This area should have all of their essential items – food dish, water bowl, bedding, crate, toys, leash etc. Having a few days to acclimate to their new “den” before the noise starts and the strangers show up will help soothe any anxiety they may have. Dogs and cats can get underfoot and endanger themselves during a remodeling project – so it’s best to play it safe and eliminate the hazards.


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Have pet birds? Guinea pigs? Bunnies? Hamsters? Probably best to move their habitats to a more secluded area of the home. The noise, dust, and possible fumes (paint, stain, etc.) can be bothersome to their little systems.


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Our Carpenters are all animal lovers, and have typically made a new “best friend” or two by the end of a remodeling project. One of our very favorite clients in Fairfax Station VA has an extremely sweet Guinea Pig who loved to hear the Lead Carpenter for their Kitchen remodeling project come through the door every morning singing his name. His singing was met with the type of squeals only a Guinea Pig can accomplish. Oh, and he LOVES the new Kitchen. ;-)

Planning, communication, and safety first – it’s easy to keep your pets safe and comfortable during the remodeling project with a little of each.


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