Your Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

May 12, 2016

The warmer months provide a great opportunity to keep your home (both its interior and exterior) clean, safe, and beautiful. There are many projects that can be completed during the summer months, including the following suggestions:


Image via Design*Sponge.



  • Clean vent fans
  • Clean drains (sinks, shower, and tub)
  • Clean showerheads


  • Clean refrigerator (including coils)
  • Clean range filters and hood
  • Clean garbage disposal and drain

Whole house:

  • Clean clothes dryer vent
  • Clean ceiling fan blades
  • Replace air conditioner filter
  • Have water heater inspected


  • Clean grill and make repairs if necessary
  • Complete landscaping
  • Fill in cracks in sidewalks, porches, driveway
  • Water lawn and create watering schedule (if needed)
  • Clean air conditioning drain line
  • Remove mildew and any mold

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